Valentine's Day Food

Dinner at Dove Vivi, surprise Ice Cream at Ruby Jewel! Dove Vivi makes cornmeal crust pizzas, and they have the best kale salad. Since they have tons of hearts in their restaurant it was a perfect choice for Valentine's Day. It's small, has romantic lighting, and totally hip Portland. Jeff and I spent part of dinner discussing our love for Portland restaurants and the fact that we don't ever have to eat at a chain restaurant if we don't want to {nothing wrong with chains, we are just spoiled in Portland}. Oh and we can always walk to a lot these wonderful places. Well, not Ruby Jewel.. but there are plenty of places worth driving to in Portland. Friends! Family! visit me, I want to share these wonderful restaurants with people.
Ruby Jewel was fun because it was totally me. Pink, green, vintage, ice cream sandwiches, Valentine's menu, yum! I got an ice cream sandwich with double chocolate cookies and espresso ice cream. mmm.
I got to send some free chocolates to my brother and his fiance in SF because of Jeanne's sweet deal on Shop Sweet Things! I didn't know they would be gorgeous too! So cool. The deal was through Postmates, a new bike delivery system in San Francisco. This was such a fun thing to do, I got emails and texts with the updates of pick up and delivery, and I got to share something cool with family far away! I can't wait to hear how they taste! And yes I made my brother take photos so I could post about it, that's how excited I was about this. Thanks Dave! And lastly, balloons from Jeff!


  1. Sam, we really need to go on food/blogger/macaron/portland date!

  2. I'm still so thrilled you used the service. I wouldn't think anyone out of the city would use it but you were so clever! Ice-cream sandwiches sounds super cool to eat on a vday! Have a great weekend! xo


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