Birthday Instagram

 1. Free gift from Sephora Beauty Rewards 2. Best chocolate cake ever {Costco} 3. pretty plate at Grandma's for family birthday dinner 4. best surprise from my parents! Dad brought it home from Grandma's in Florida
1. Birthday outft #1, going to grandparent's house for family dinner 2. phone countdown 3. & 4. Salt Grotto with Dad
 1. Little Big Burger with Dad 2. Festive pencils at Anthro 3 & 4 Fortune telling birthday book
 1, 2, 3. Nuvrei, 4. Free Birthday drink at Starbucks
 1 & 2 Birthday Blue manicure 3. Flowers, macarons from Pix, Blowout gift card from Jeff 4. Fritz dressed up!
 1. Flowers & Pink from Leslie (somehow, I lost the pic I took with Leslie) 2 & 3 More Macarons from Nathan & Patrick at Nicholas Restaurant 4. Patrick & Nathan
1. Jennifer, me, and Kristen 2. Me and Jeff 3. Sweets at Nicholas! 4. More coffee


  1. did you like the Sephora birthday gift? How is that lip stuff? I got my postcard and was going to go down and get it this weekend!

    1. I like the lip stuff! it's chapstick and one is a little tinted!

  2. I love, love, LOVE all of this photos. Can't wait for tomorrow!


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