Blowout Dry Bar: Review

I had a gift card {Thanks Jeff!} and chose to try out Blowout before my birthday party last Saturday. 
It was so easy to book an appointment online which was so nice. 
I didn't get many photos cause I was trying to relax after a really busy morning, but I loved the aesthetic inside. Very bright, clean, girly, good music, good smells, nice staff, comfy couch to sit and wait on, plenty of new magazines, and ghost chairs! 

I had a great time getting my hair washed, dried, and curled. 
On the menu, I went for a mix between 'The Flirt' and 'Divalicious'. Other options are 'Sleek and Chic', 'Half 'n Half', and 'Pretty Twisted'. The stylist working with my hair was nice and receptive to my ideas and suggestions about  my hair. I also had the 'mini makeover' which was eyes, cheeks, and lips. 
I had such a fun time trying Blowout! I'll definitely go back. 
Not to mention, I got my hair done at 1pm and my party was at 7, it held all night!

Mondays they have one free hour of childcare from WeVillage between 10-4 ages 2-12
Tuesdays they have a 2 for 1 Blowout Luscious!
Sundays they have free mimosas with a blowout!

Here's a good photo of my hair: 


  1. I love Blowout Dry Bar SO much. We should go on a tuesday sometime...just for the hell of it! So excited to know someone else who has been!

  2. just went there for the first time a few weeks ago too, I loved it!!

  3. Love Blowout! I wish I had the chance to go there more when I was in Portland (even though it was right across the street from my apartment haha). Your hair looks gorgeous!


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