Feeling Blessed

I wore this outfit yesterday for my birthday and it was fabulous!
My brother's fiancĂ© sneakily bought this dress for me while I was visiting SF last weekend. 
Thank you so much Dave and Bree! It was so perfect to wear on my birthday!
 Also, Liz and Bree insisted this white jacket was new because they've never seen it on my blog.. sorry, but I bought it in the fall. 
Dress: Rise from store in San Fran
Jacket: F21
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Fascinator: Store in Ashland

Pin from my Grandma Edythe in Florida
Bracelet still on loan from my sister, nails Sinful 'Aquamarine'

Yesterday was so great.
I spent the afternoon with my Dad going to Little Big Burger, Powell's, Anthropologie, Nuvrei, The Salt Grotto, and Starbucks.
I got to chat with my best friend in Bend for a while, and got so so many sweet text messages, facebook messages, instagram comments, tweets, blog comments etc. Thank you!!
Jeff spoiled me with flowers, macarons, and a blowout dry bar gift card, He even started calling my birthday Samentine's Day. Um, one more reason I'm in love with him.
I got more flowers and macarons from Leslie, Nathan, and Patrick, and we all (and Kristen and Jennifer) went out to dinner at Nicholas Restaurant for mass amounts of Lebanese food.

I have many photos to share from my birthday, still have more photos from SF, and I'm looking forward to taking even more photos this weekend when I celebrate with more friends!


  1. Love everything about this post! Love the outfit, love that you had such a great day! Birthdays are the best.


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