Haute Gold

If you want to see all the photos {there's a lot} click here.

 Jeff's envious of how much I love the gold sequins?
 Chris & Leslie
 Patrick, Nathan, Chris, Leslie, Me, Jennifer, Kristen, Jeff - Wednesday TV night crew

 Me & Taylor
 Justine and I love macarons!

 Amy & Taylor
 Nat & Meg
 Leslie & Me
 I love this series of me and Meg

 Kristen, Jennifer and Me
 Brent, Liz, Me, Jeff, Meg, Nat
 Me, Maria, Emily, Liz

 Me and baby sis Kate

Brent & Liz
 Liz, Elle, Me
 Me, Meg, Menorah, Liz
Jeff & Me
 Kristen doing her best Tods & T's pose
 Me & Liz

Nathan & Leslie & Andre
Me and The Fab McVey Team, Amy & Erich
There's a sparkler candle happening here!
Here's a cute photo Justine took of the sparkler cupcake:

Thank you so much to Erich and Amy for making an amazing gold background and taking these great photos! This was definitely the best giveaway I've ever won!
Such a fabulous & fun birthday, thanks everyone, enjoy the photos!


  1. How much fun is this?!!?!?!?! Looks like a birthday you will never forget!!
    Because Shanna Said So

  2. Love the one of you and Jeff with the marshmallow pops!
    And hi to Justine - cute as ever... hardly changed :)

  3. Haha Mom...

    Oh em geeee Samantha these are amazing! I'm dying for some free time to sit down and comment on every recent fb photo and blog post! You know I'm pissed I couldn't be there. It looks like it was a hugely successful party! So fun! Love love love you - please let's skype soon so I can hear all the deets.


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