Noble Rot Happy Hour

Last night I went to Noble Rot for Happy Hour with Justine. 
Justine and I went to high school together and we weren't really friends {neither of us could figure out why! oh high school..} But after all this time, I found her blog, fell in love with it, and after going back and forth on instagram, we knew we had to meet up and catch up!

It was so great to catch up and chat about everything. I hadn't been to Noble Rot and I fell in love with it. Beautiful views, fun drinks, yummy mac & cheese, great atmosphere. We even went out on the patio even to get an even better view of the city. I imagine it's a great place in the summer! 

Justine has been to about every place I want to go in Portland so I knew she would be a good person to meet for happy hour.
More than half the time I post something on my blog or instagram saying "I want to go there" Justine has already been there! So envious, but excited to try more places on her recommendation. 
I'm so glad we reconnected and I'm already looking forward to the next time we hang out! 

Check out Justine's blog:: Anything and Everything 

What I wore
Noble Rot is technically a wine bar but since neither of us are into wine we got Limoncello Sparklers.

The views are much better in person


  1. I love Noble Rot! I always get the butternut squash panini. I have reviewed it on my blog as well. Going to check out her blog now...

  2. You're so sweet! LOVED catching up. I have a list going in my head of all the places we need to go...


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