Camp Chic & ILY Couture

This is my favorite outfit to wear at summer camp {my summer job}. 
Minus the wedges, clutch, makeup, and curled hair of course. 
So when Monday was 80+ degrees I wore my lightest and most comfy outfit. 

Remember when I won the ILY Couture giveaway from Pink Peonies?
I chose the amazing 'Mila - Oversized Organza Flower'.
ILY Couture stands for I Love You Couture and was started by Christine of Hello Fashion, when she was looking for bridal accessories and couldn't find what she was looking for. 
She has such beautiful pieces and they are all handmade, no glue guns there! I spent a long time deciding on which piece and color. I went with the flower in white because I love my neutrals but I really did almost go with the light blue like Rachel of Pink Peonies
Thanks again Christine!
Top & Skirt: Thrifted, Belt & Shoes: Target, Clutch: H&M, Sunglasses: F21, Flower: ILY Couture on Etsy

Nail Color: Zoya 'Jancyn'

Happy Friday! 
I've got a busy weekend ahead and that's just how I like it.
ps. I saw The Lucky One last night.
And it was awesome. I am a big Zac Efron fan though.. so no one is surprised I loved it. 


  1. Love this outfit. These pictures are beautiful! P.S Zac was painfully gorgeous.

  2. OHHHHH my gosh. you are stunning.

  3. Love the outfit! I'm seriously in need of finding a polka dot top. :)

  4. LOVE the twirly pics. And your midriff. Rock it girlfriend!


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