Today I'm guest posting for Sara of Glitter & Grace while she is visiting her best friend on the East Coast!
I haven't met Sara in person, she moved to California from Portland, right as I started getting involved with the Portland Blogger Community but I have a feeling we would be friends in real life if we ever met. She shares my interests of sequins, nails, pretty things, girly things, yummy things, etc etc.
And it's too bad she can't come to our blogger meet ups because I know she would love them!
She is the one who started them after all.

Check out my favorite lipsticks here, and here's a sneak peek!

Update, I received an amazing new color from Radiant Cosmetics in my Portland Blogger Meet Up gift bag on Saturday! 
Since I already had this post prepped and ready for Sara last week, I will review my new color soon. It's already a great addition to my collection {dark red!} since I've been wearing it nonstop. 


  1. Read your post.... love lipstick... currently in the market for a really girly pink (sooo not normal for me, but want to try it!)

  2. I didn't start wearing lipstick until I moved to Portland! These winters leave my skin so colorless that a little lip tint is all it takes to keep me from looking like a zombie. I'll have to try that red!

  3. Like I said, you're so photogenic! Love love love these lipsticks on you!

  4. I literally just did an identical post for chick chat... Not even funny how scary similar our portraits are!!! Woah!


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