A Little White Dress

Such a beautiful weekend!
I had a great time catching up with my best friends and watching my sister in Oly Pageant. 
Dress: Borrowed from Amelia via H&M, Jacket: Borrowed from Kate, via F21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Clutch: J.Crew

Me & Jaime
Me & Liz
Me & My fam {PS. My dad let us know the last time he was in a tux was for his and my mom's wedding. 29 years ago}
Me & Kate

 This weekend I got to go home to Salem to watch my sister perform in Sprague High School's Oly Pageant. Oly Pageant is a pageant in which the contestants, 5 senior girls and 5 senior boys, fundraise all year for Doernbecher Children's Hospital. At the end of the year they put on a pageant in which they are judged on sportswear, formal wear, a talent, and the amount of money they raised. It's a big deal to be a part of it and I am so proud of my little sister. A Mr. & Miss Olympian are crowned at the end but it really isn't about winning it's about the fundraising, having fun your senior year and working really hard for something. I was not a contestant in high school but I was a gift basket coordinator and helped with day of coordination and my two best friends were contestants. Kate was truly amazing, so beautiful and it made me so proud of her.

::Kate chose to make a stop motion video for her talent. Check it out and be sure to read the 'about video' to get more of an insight into her inspiration::
you can also watch it here

last thing: check me out on Pink Peonies today!


  1. Love this cute white dress. You look lovely! Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Love that dress on you, your family is adorable, and congrats to your sister! xo

  3. I love your style girl! You are so dang cute!

  4. I love that last picture of you and Kate! Aren't you so proud of her?! She did an amazing job!

  5. Hi Sam!

    I found your blog via Urban Weeds. You're got great style. Your blue flats are awesome.

    I was so surprised to see that your sister was in Oly Pageant. My sister is Jessica Stanford. My family is honored every year that Sprague students continue to raise money in her honor. I couldn't make it to the pageant this year. My Mom and sister, Bethany, had a great time. Thanks to you and your sister for helping Doernbecher!

    Small world. :-)

  6. Your dress is so cool and good job to your little sis, that is something amazing to be part of!


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