Night Light Lounge Happy Hour

A few weeks ago I met some friends at Night Light Lounge for happy hour. It was sunny and beautiful out so we sat out in the back area.
This was my first time at Night Light. It's over on SE Clinton in a really cute area.
Things we ordered: Nachos, Cheese Plate, Tomato soup & Grilled Cheese, Artichoke soup, Truffle fries. So much cheese and everything was so delicious. I was pleasantly surprised with the artichoke soup. 
I loved sitting out back but on a sunny day, we Oregonians want to feel that sun on our backs, our faces, everything and that was hard to do under the tent. They have seating out front in the sun, that would be nice too. It was a great atmosphere and yummy food. They have some twinkle lights and I bet it's really pretty at night. 
Great happy hour option in SE Portland. 


  1. that looks delicious!! I love the photos.

  2. love the post! Please do more posts about places in portland!!


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