Spring Portland Blogger Cocktail party

Prepare for a lot of photos! 
Jenni of AWell Crafted Party & Leave the Laundry for Later took the lead for this blogger event and she made it something really special! I was happy to help in anyway possible, and she deemed me a sponsor for donating my time, some decor items, and event stylist skills and ideas. 

She did amazing things like create a logo, create brochures, design decor, get a majority of the sponsors, coordinate everything, and create signature cocktails for the evening and be the bartender!
Not to mention she has two blogs, is starting a blog dedicated to Portland Bloggers, oh and is married and they have an 8 month old son. 
I loved helping and I was able to create a banner, bring decor, work with one major sponsor {Nuvrei}, help set up, and enjoy everything!
It was so nice to see bloggers from previous events and meet new ones.
I love feeling a part of this great community of Portland Bloggers.
garland from The Flair Exchange

Nuvrei was a wonderful sponsor!
Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nuvrei
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Nuvrei
Blue Strawberry Scents donated some fantastic soaps, and bath products!

Radiant Cosmetics donated gorgeous lipsticks and I can't wait to share about my new color!
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/radiantcosmetic

meme & saysay donated some super cute decorations and garlands
Check them out on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/memeandsaysay
 fiftyflowers.com donated all the gorgeous carnations

 Adi of The Garden of Edlen provided the chic venue

Ablemade donated some great aprons for the prize drawing
Check out the etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AbleMade
 Cash4books.net donated two giveaway bags
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Cash4Books
 Another one of my banners

More about my outfit later

 Signature cocktails by Jenni, complete with edible flowers

delicious cupcakes Olga from Vintage Pretty brought from Saint Cupcake
 Miranda of One Stylish Day at a Time and Sarah of The Confessions of a Product Junkie
 From the left: grace & stella, the paper mama, Charmed in PDX, Justine of a teenie tiny blog, and please let me know who else is in the photo and I will link to them!

 Me and Miranda, how much do you love her outfit? 
Me and Justine, I feel so tall!

All the gifts from the sponsors previously mentioned! I am so excited to wear that dark red 'Moscow' from Radiant Cosmetics, can't wait to go to Nuvrei with Justine on Wednesday, try out all those good smelling products from Blue Strawberry Scents, and the cute goodies from meme & saysay and A Well Crafted Party!
Full disclosure: The Portland Bloggers, and myself, were gifted products from the above companies at the Portland Blogger's Meet Up. We were not asked to review the products or even posts about them. I was just excited to share all the goodies with you!

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Jenni for putting on an amazing event and letting me help!

All photos by me, so if you're using any in your posts, please credit me.
Once people start posting about the event, I will link up your posts here too, so let me know when they go up. 
And please let me know if I need to link anything different for anyone!

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  1. It is so amazing to see how the Portland Blogger events have become so official and great! Complete with sponsors :) I've been waiting since Saturday for some of you girls to recap the event, so I was definitely excited to see that you finally posted pictures of everything! Great job with the decorations, Sam!

  2. Great photos lady! Props for mentioning all of the sponsors. Can't wait for our Nuvrei date!

  3. Really wonderful post! Thanks so much and for all the beautiful photos! I may use some with lots of credit to you!

  4. Thanks again Sam for helping Jenni with getting everything together! I had the best time and it was so nice catching up with you again :)

  5. so bummed I missed it! The event has become much more official! That is so great! I'm thrilled you had sponsors! Can't wait for the next one:)

  6. Sorry I missed this one. Next time ladies, next time:P Glad ya'll had fun though!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I may just have to try to make it to the next one!

    I love finding other Portland bloggers--I didn't realize there were so many of us out there! :)

  8. So fun!!! I'm so sad I missed it! It looks amazing! Count me in for the next one :] Also, love all of the outfits!

  9. I have been waiting to see photos of the event. I have somehow only managed to make it to one of them. It looks so fun!

  10. I'm glad the event was a success! See you at the next one!

  11. fun fun fun fun ! hoping to make it next time :)

  12. So nice to meet you in person! You and Jenni did a fabulous job with everything, I can't wait for the next one :) We went to Nuvrei for breakfast the next morning!

  13. This looks like a fabulous event! Great pics!


  14. I love all of the pictures and it was so nice meeting you in person. I'm already excited for the next event!

  15. Sam, although it is impossible to capture how awesome the event was...you come pretty darn close! Great party. Great photos. Great meeting you! I even mentioned you in my post and used one of your photos.


    P.S. I'm the lady in b&w in your photo in the middle of the page.

  16. You did such a great job!!!!! Thanks again for all your work! It was soooo fun being there.

    Working on my recap post as we speak, publishing Friday!

  17. Ahhh so amazing!! Love what you girls have turned these into but at the same time I'm so sad I can't be apart of them!! Maybe I need to plan my next Portland trip around a meet-up :) You did such an awesome job with everything Sam and love how pretty it all was! Great job!!


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