you guys. lauren conrad likes my bangs.

you guys. Lauren Conrad said "I like your bangs!" when I met her last night.

Justine and I went to Barnes & Noble at Clackamas Town Center {why Clackamas?? hopefully she got to see more of Portland..} to get her autograph on her new book The Fame Game.
I should have read the rules more carefully and I could have brought other books for her to sign, like her Style book. Oh well. 
I was much more interested in seeing her in person and meeting her than the autograph on the book. 
I wish I could have snapped better pictures but they were super strict about cameras. 
I was bummed about that. 

But I'll tell you this; Lauren Conrad is...
1. Prettier in person
2. Smaller in person
3. Nicer in person

She was extremely nice, she was smiley, made eye contact with everyone, she was very gracious, and sounded genuinely flattered when someone told her how beautiful she is in person, she was complimenting us, and she was just a doll to meet.
Justine enjoying The Fame Game, Lauren's arrival! 

What I wore, Lauren Conrad shorts & sequins, of course.

Lauren's sig

oh and this..
oh and when I got home from meeting Lauren, this was at my front door. 
I have NO idea who sent it! 

Meeting Lauren Conrad and getting a Kate Middleton ring from an anonymous sender?
Best day ever.

::Update:: It's from my dad, how cute is that?
I guess after I posted about seeing it in San Fran here, he did some research asking Liz and Dave about it and finding out my ring size from Jeff!


  1. Haha, Lauren Conrad likes YOUR bangs! When I interned for Betsey Johnson, one time she told me she "liked my eyebrows." My eyebrows are forever cool now. And, so are your bangs.

  2. that's so awesome you got to meet her:)

  3. wow! to both your fabulous ring and wonderful compliment! that ring is fantastic.

  4. Aw, that's so sweet your dad got that ring for you, my guess was Jeff!. And about last night - amazing. We love LC.

  5. This is amazing! I love LC. And you do have amazing bangs :]


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