Engelking Wedding

Here are some wedding decor shots of the Engelking wedding. I want to make a statement saying that I had no part in helping plan/craft/decorate. I just helped do some last minute organizing the day of the wedding. I also didn't get great photos and it all looked so much more amazing with the lights off. It really felt like we were outside! Kristin (the bride) did an amazing job crafting and creating this vision, and everyone who helped execute it was so creative and amazing! I also want to say that Kristin and I have always had very similar taste and I knew this would be amazing, and I will probably be borrowing some ideas/items for my own wedding! 

These are some of my favorite details.

Molly from Urban Nester helped create amazing bouquets! 

The last few are Liz and Becca giving their toasts! Gives you a feel for how it looked with the lights off. Gorgeous right? I am looking forward to seeing the professional photos (Erich McVey, of course)

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  1. What a cute crafty wedding! I love all the details! So beautiful!


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