Kate's Prom

I know I brag about my baby sister a lot. But it's only because I think she is amazing. 
Look how beautiful she looked for her senior prom!
Everything was perfection, her bright blue dress looked fab with her red hair, her newly cut hair {she just cut off 18 inches for Lock of Love & Oly Pageant}, purple nails, perfect glittery necklace, a cute bow, she did her own makeup and the tallest wedges you ever saw. 
I had to run to the Camp To Belong Auction so I didn't get any photos of her and her date but we got some sister photos. 
dress: Nordstrom, shoes: Steve Madden, Necklace: F21


  1. the prettiest sisters i know!

  2. you two are adorable together! you both look gorgeous!!

  3. The blue of her dress, and her red hair look amazing together! Did she add the bow?

  4. Oh, I totally have a baby sister too and she just went to her prom! Your sister's dress is so cute on her!


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