More engagement snaps

Somehow I had to peace of mind to stay present in the moment on Saturday and not instagram all these photos. You know how I love instagram, so you know this was difficult but so worth it. 

Flowers from jeff. Obsessed with those tiny roses.
Lunch at Willamette Burger Company, best tots ever. 
  I always want a bouquet in my car. I brought these with us everywhere because it was so hot out, I was afraid they would wilt in the car. 
 Chai time.
 Such a beautiful day at Silver Falls State Park.
 Dinner at Silver Grille in Silverton.
 The dinner I was too nervous to eat.
 Jeff's dinner.
 The gorgeous drive back to Salem.

 Ring box & Cork from Champagne.
 Just a taste of the amaze gifts we got. Thanks Liz, Brent, Auntie.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend, I'm headed out of town.. no surprise there!


  1. Ughhh. I SOOO wish I had been home for this! I'm dying to see that ROCK in person. Cannot wait to see you the first Saturday I'm home :)


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