Never Say Never

Happy Monday!
Shirt: F21, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes & Belt: Urban Outfitters, Clutch: American Apparel, 
Bracelets: BaubleBar, F21, Watch: Fossil, Necklaces: BaubleBar, J.Crew

I have a never say never attitude towards trends so....
How many trends can I squeeze into one outfit? 
Colorblocking, colored denim, neon, neutrals, lavender nails, layered jewelry, blah blah blah. 
Since I like to try a lot of trends, I finally jumped on the colored denim train. $14.99 at Old Navy? That I can do. I might try a lot of trends and even though not all of the stick {thank goodness, gaucho pants..} I love my new jeans so much that now I want a pair of lavender jeans. I pretty much want everything in lavender right now. Oh and I'm lusting after peplum everything. So.. suggestions?

PS. Today is the first day of the Professional Clothing and Accessory drive to support Dress for Success! Even before it started I had a great response from family and friends, so thank you!
Click here for more info and you can always email me at samantharosen5@gmail.com if you have questions.
My friend Kristen made me an awesome graphic with all the information!
Feel free to share it and link back to my blog.

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  1. Love this outfit and how bold you are with color!! Jealous you snagged that shirt from F21 awhile ago and I think I need to invest in some bright skinnies from ON. That place is the best!


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