Pambiche HH

A few nights ago Jeff and I went to Pambiche in NE Porland for Happy Hour
We've been talking about going there forever and it finally worked out! I meant to get a photo of the amazing building, but if you've drive by, you know what it looks like. Bright pink, yellow, teal, purple. 

We sat outside, it was cold out but the waitress turned on the heater right above our heads and it was nice and toasty. Each table outside has a heater above it. Nice to sit outside for once and not freeze!

Pambiche is Cuban, we ordered cheesey potato & chicken empenadas, pollo frito {a big fried chicken thigh} and rice and beans. Jeff got a daiquiri and I ordered their signature lemonade. Everything was delicious! I liked the cheese potato empenadas and Jeff preferred the chicken ones. But that's nothing shocking, we both knew which would be our favorites. We even ordered a second piece of chicken, it was so good, fell right off the bone. We thought about and looked at the dessert and it all looked so beautiful but we decided to try it next time. 

Banana ketchup? Tried it, but wasn't my fave.

The waitresses loved my pink pants, I loved their sweet comments and food/drink suggestions!

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  1. Pambiche is delicious! I definitely recommend the mango milkshake.


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