a pop of silver

Shirt/Jeans: F21, Clutch: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Nordstrom Rack, 
Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: H&M

Sidenote: How amazing is that flower bush thing?
note: Apparently it is a Rhododendron, thanks mom. Like I said.. she knows best.

I remember a time when I was obsessed with silver and hated everything yellow gold. I could not understand why my mom liked yellow gold and I told myself I would never have anything to do with it. Within in the last few years, I've had a major change of heart, fell in love with gold everything. And my mom was right all along. I pushed silver to the side for a long time. Now now.. I do have a few silver staples I still wear all the time, like my two rings and my wishbone necklace but everything else had to be gold. Then rose gold. Now I'm back to silver. I also hated mixing metals.. well that changed too. Basically because of many situations like this, I changed my whole fashion philosophy to 'never say never'. 
Deep, I know. 


  1. I reallllly love this outfit.

  2. I had the same "how could anyone in their right mind like a metal other than silver" phase, but am slowly branching out. It might take me a while to be comfortable with mixing but I love your combination!

  3. Haha that silver/gold/mixed metals monologue was almost exactly my story. So funny, I swear I've said all the same things. And am such a big believer to "never say never" now because I've had to bite my tongue so many times on things I said I would NEVER wear. You are adorable, I love this outfit and your style so much!


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