Finally, My Graduation!

Graduation was so wonderful!
{The ceremony was at The Rose Garden and we ate dinner at Noble Rot}
I felt loved, encouraged, supported, and celebrated by my fantastic family, fiance, and best friend. 
Everyone who was there {and many not present} knew exactly how hard I worked to get through college and they know how hard I worked to end my college career better than I started. 
I'm so proud of my self for earning Child & Family Studies Honors and Cum Laude {Latin} Honors for my cumulative GPA. I also ended the term with straight A's! 
Graduating is definitely one of my greatest accomplishments thus far. 
Thank you everyone for supporting me along the way and celebrating with me!


  1. I'm so happy for you!! Love all of these photos.

  2. congrats sam! graduating is such an exciting accomplishment! :)


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