{good bye}

Moving is hard. Not fun, dirty, messy, fast, furious, smelly, and I'm so glad I'm done for now. 
I'm sad to leave my townhouse and living situation but I'm excited for this next chapter. I won't be moving into a new place quite yet since I'll be at camp all summer but I am looking forward to finding a new place and unpacking once again. I'm glad to be at a stage in my life where I might be finding a place to live for multiple years rather than moving every year. This last townhouse was the first time I lived in one place for more than one year and it was amazing. While Jeff and I still aren't certain where we will be in the fall {depends on jobs}, I'm so looking forward to finding a place and having our own space. 

ps. I did score some awesome stuff from my roommate during the move out! 
Highlights: awesome sunhat with a flower, adorable turquoise side table with hearts on the sides {hearts not pictures}, amazing vintage coach bag {!}. Thanks Erin!!
And thanks mom for the yummy looking macaron book!

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