Rosen Wedding pt. 2

One of the evenings was Red, White and Blue night!
Dave is from the US, Bree from Australia and they met in Vancouver, BC. 
So red, white, and blue was a fun way to celebrate all those countries and the people who came all the way to Utah!

Ancestors, Dave & Bree had guests bring a photo of ancestors or anyone that is special to them.

 Bree and her bridesmaids; Gita, Bree, Kath, Kate, Me

Hiking at Zion National Park, amazing!
We only did a small hike but it was worth it. They have buses to drive you all the way through {they started doing that to cut down on how many cars were traveling through} and you can get off at each stop and hike around or keep going. It's like a mini bus route. 
We heard 'The Narrows' were really amazing but we didn't get there. It's basically like a giant long creek walk. 


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