Rosen Wedding Pt. 3

I had to break this up into a full week event.
So many beautiful photos to share and these are just the iphone ones! 
I can't wait to see the professional photos by Darko Sikman Photography.
PS. did I mention High School Musical 2 was filmed at the resort where we stayed for the weekend?

 Bridal Tea

 Trail mix station, great idea, thanks to Talenti for the amazing containers!

Before the ceremony
During the ceremony, thanks Auntie for the great photo!

 Jeff made it just in time for the ceremony! He jetted over to Utah after being the best man in his brother's wedding the day before! Busy weekend.. so glad he made it to Utah.


 I can't get over these stunning couches

 S'more cupcakes

 Memory box to be opened on their 10 year anny
 The night ended with the bridal party lighting wish lanterns! {yes just like in HSM2, filmed at the same hotel :)} They were so amazing to see float away! I can't wait to see the professional photos of those. 

Yup, made that banner for them!
 Fresh cookies is always acceptable

I realized I didn't get any photos with my brother on the wedding day but I know there are will be tons from the photographer!


  1. This place looks magical, and obviously I love that HSM2 was filmed there! Ah, I love so many things about the wedding that you've shared, my favorite is probably the wish lanterns!

  2. I love the make your own trail mix idea! So fun and different! You all looked beautiful!

  3. So beautiful! Wow what an amazing venue. Love those couches and that seating area, so perfect!

  4. Wow, looks like it was an incredible wedding! Beautiful place and yeah, those couches and seating area are amazing... how fun!


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