The Wedding Update

Where do I even begin? 
First off, I'm back in Portland from St. George, Utah. I went from 100+ weather to pouring rain. But aside from being unreasonably upset about the weather change.. It was one of the most wonderful, warm, fun, busy, exhausting, sweet, and loving weekends of my life. I can feel the post-wedding blues coming on. I am not a words person so I won't even try to explain everything and the little moments of the weekend but I will flood my blog with photos. 
I will share a couple today and many more throughout the week. 
Even though I don't understand how I am supposed to go back to real life after such an awesome weekend, it seems I must, so until I have more time, here are a few photos:

ps. they had a photographer there for three days and I am so excited to see those photos!

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  1. What a beautiful family.. Love the venue and photos you have are fabulous.


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