24th & Meatballs

24th & Meatballs is a new restaurant super close to where I am living this summer and it is delicious! 
It's super hip and specializes in meatballs! Clearly I get really excited about new restaurants.

We shared the meatball panini with the italian meatball and the tomato basil sauce, and the same meatball sand sauce with spaghetti, and a kale salad. It's fun because you choose whatever you want, panini, slider, spaghetti, etc, and then choose what type of meatball and sauce you'll have on it. Next time I want to try the waffle balls for dessert. I don't even know what that means but I love it. 

I love finding new restaurants and especially within walking distance. 
It looks like a few more restaurants are slated to open up in the same area soon. 

ps. their site isn't up yet so I just shared a link to some info about them. 
I'll update it when possible.

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  1. Ahhh, is this in Portland?? I love me a good meatball. Please do tell us about your waffle balls when you try them out...you have me interested :)

    Lindsay @


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