Happy Birthday Brother

Last weekend was my Brother's birthday! 
And the same weekend, I got to see photos from his wedding!
{it's the gift that keeps on giving}
I'll share a couple and when I have more time and better internet I will share many more because they are beautiful and you will love seeing them!

Happy birthday to the best brother I could have ever wished for! 
Thank you for being such a big part of my life and asking me to be a big part of your wedding. 
I love you!

1 comment:

  1. Ok
    1. Thanks for sharing/explaining the 1800000 photos with me yesterday [sounds sarcastic, obviously isn't, I loved it]
    2. I was thinking of that you+jeff photo re: the incredible scenery
    3. Your brother and his wife are like, really good looking
    4. And you too! You looked amazing.


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