soaking it up

peaches 'n cream cupcake & san pellegrino aranciata at Crema 
{the cupcake was SO good by the way}

Shirt: BP Nordstrom, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Forever 21, 
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Watch: Fossil

So. Jeff got a job! 
It is awesome and amazing and we're both grateful that at this point after graduation and camp, at least one of us has a job {I'm on the hunt!}. That job requires a move on our part. We will be moving back to Salem {we're both from there}. While I am excited to be closer to my parents, Jeff's family, and Salem friends, I am sad to leave Portland and the home base we've created the last few years.  
Since we're moving soon, we are soaking up our lovely Portland. 
Hence the cupcake, walks around our neighborhood, and all day date planned for tomorrow. 

ps. I really need to get my bangs trimmed, that's why I've been avoiding looking straight into the camera. My eyes are getting lost under there. 

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  1. Don't leave! Salem is cute and all... but do they have a blogging community? I guess you will just have to drive up for the meet-ups!


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