Staccato Gelato

Jeff and I started going to our local gelato shop, Staccato Gelato, on our day off (saturdays) and it is one of the best summer traditions we've started so far. 

The last 4 ish weeks in gelato.

1//Jeff: Chocolate, Me: Rose Petal, Cinnamon Swirl, Birthday Cake.
2//Dave: Chocolate, Marionberry, Bree: Unsure, Me: Rose Petal, Honey Lavender, Jeff: Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip.
3//Me: Honey Fig, POG (Papaya, orange, guava), Coffee, Jeff: Chocolate, Chocolate Sorbet, Mint Chip.
4//Me: Coffee, Pistachio, Watermelon, Jeff: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream.

every flavor is so good! My faves are rose petal and honey lavender.
Clearly there are some patterns, I like anything but chocolate and Jeff likes chocolate exclusively.


  1. Delicious! I love all the yummy gelato/ice cream places in Portland!

  2. So bummed I missed you guys this weekend. CanNOT wait for you to be done with camp and back in my life!!! xx

  3. I haven't ever been to this place! I must fix that asap. I'm like you - I tend to not like chocolate flavors in ice cream or cake... but love it just in chocolate form. I would definitely want to try the pistachio.

    I just read your about page and learned that you lived in London. SO COOL! If I lived in London, I don't think I'd be able to get over it either :o)


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