Bend Weekend

Another fabulous & successful trip to Bend to visit my best friend Liz. 
It worked our perfect because I was able to go over there with her husband's best friend, Ben, also a long time friend of Liz and mine.
So it was a best friend weekend all around! 

leaving the grey weather behind for beautiful central oregon

London obsessed

amazing decor in the downtown shops

new thank you cards from tj maxx

day 1 outfits

yummy chai, wedding planning, and good conversation at Looney Bean

delicious ocean roll {who knows why it's called that} & a mocha at The Sparrow Bakery

Ben, Me, Brent, Liz

day 2 outfits

aren't we just so cute in how we always match? 
we bought each other those phone cases and other people bought us the cute pouches. 

more matching, this time Longchamps with scarves & faux leather jackets

outside The Sparrow Bakery



I'm so ready to go back already. 


  1. Looks like a great weekend! And I LOVE your outfits :)

  2. Where is your shirt from your second outfit from? It's adorable!
    Looks like it was a fun weekend!


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