FNO Part 1

H&M Shirt {borrowed from my sister}, Forever 21 Skirt, Target Shoes, 
Vintage Coach Purse, Urban Outfitters Sunnies

On Friday before I headed out for Fashions Night Out, I met up with the lovely 
Sara B of Glitter & Grace
It was so fun to meet up with a blogging friend for the first time and on such a beautiful day!
We met at Little Big Burger, a Portland favorite and then she snapped some outfit photos for me. 
Don't get me wrong, my usual photographer {Jeff} is fantastic and very patient but sometimes it's nice to have someone take your photos who also takes outfit photos because they know what you're looking for and it's fun to change it up.

This is my FNO outfit and I'll be sure to share more photos of all the fun events and yummy treats tomorrow!


  1. Love seeing this pics cuz it reminds me of what a run afternoon this was and I still love this outfit so much! Thanks again for meeting up with me and can't wait to hear more about your weekend!

  2. What a great skirt!


  3. That skirt is amaaaazing and you wear it well!


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