santa clara & san francisco photo dump

shirts for me and jeff

vending machine in library with scantrons, green books, etc; GENIUS

the amazing book fetching system in the library

view from corner room of the library

corner sun room of library; fancy

new chapter, new perfume for kate!

why yes I did request to organize her desk

so cute!!

she loves learning, and psychology, and brains and her new perfume

her room colors are tiffany blue & some red, love it

cute bike on campus

to ease my separation anxiety I met up with Austin, Sammie, and their cutie daughter Maisie to catch up and have my first pinkberry experience! SO good.

hotel breakfast; dad knew I'd love that milk cause it's pink

gorgeous orange tree on our walk to SCU

a DeLorean on Santana Row, yes I had to google how to spell that

on campus at SCU

amazing eco-friendly tiny house in the middle of SCU campus, they won an award of something
{no one lives there, but I'm ready to move in}

the most beautiful pool you've ever seen

bye baby! already repping SCU colors.. oxblood.

Golden Gate

Visited Melissa <3

headed hiking with my brother and dad

already missing our baby sister obviously 

hiking up to hill 88 from rodeo beach

at the top we found this crazy post apocalyptic old fort that's been taken over by some quotes


see the face?

I had a great time helping my sister move into her freshman dorm. it reminded me of all the good and awesome parts of my own freshman year. then I got to head to san francisco with my dad and meet up with my brother and sister-in-law. oh and saw two old friends {who are moving back to Salem, yay!}, a cousin I haven't seen in years and my lovely friend who I always see in SF but never have enough time with. it was busy and I  had a hard time keeping my phone charged because I kept taking photos of everything! If you looked through all those photos, hope you enjoyed!

all photos taken on iphone
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