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Let me start off with this: I am not a writer, writing is not usually how I express myself. Also I don't think I've ever had this many words on a blog post, so if you come to my blog for photo content, today will be a little different. 

Ever since I finished up camp this summer I thought I would fall back into my routine of blogging and everything else. But I must have forgotten that I graduated and wouldn't be doing my previously normal routine, which was the school thing {and thank goodness}. Then Jeff and I decided to move to Salem a week after camp ended. So while we are in this special time of transitioning to living in Salem, at my parent's house until we find out own place, and while I'm in this special place of everyone wanting to know {and help with} what my career plan is, and what I am planning for our wedding, I am feeling a little out of sorts. I usually try and keep my blog/facebook/twitter/instagram all about the fun and pretty things I am doing but today I thought I'd share about this transition. 

I said a transition but that implies one singular transition and during a chat with Jeff the other night, I realized we are going through multiple transitions all at once and often without knowing when we will feel transitioned. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, this is all a part of that special window after graduation and after the engagement and before the wedding, all great things. I also have many things to look forward to; like going to Santa Clara this weekend to drop off my baby sister for her freshman year of college!! and visiting my best friend in Bend, and running The Color Run, and an engagement shoot to plan and shoot, and a possible interim job which could lead to something full time, and of course I am so grateful Jeff has started his full time job. Yes, somehow being unemployed I have managed to fill up my September pretty easily. But with all those plans and excitement, I still have a major to-do list and all these creative ideas and a little unsure where to even start because I feel all jumbled.

It's the transitions like Jeff and I living together but doing so at my parents house, and they are wonderful but I can't wait to be in our own place because that is when I think we will really feel settled. And living with my parents and sister but she will be leaving soon, what will it be like living at home without her? It'll be like when I left for college and she was at home, but now she is leaving for college and now I'm at home {couldn't have my parents be empty nesters quite yet}. Looking for jobs but wanting to start planning our wedding but feeling strange focusing on that when I don't have a job yet. Realizing I need to unpack just to pack back up in a few months. Needing to get back into a workout routine and not having a place yet. Same with the dentist, doctor, etc etc. Not to mention blogging! It has absolutely been a creative outlet and a place where I feel good but I feel off right now. I have new places I want to take photos but since my closet is boxed up I feel limited. I have new clothes but I'm saving a bunch for engagement photos and unsure where to even start. Even planning my engagement shoot was difficult since I felt like my creative energy was low after summer. Luckily meeting with friends and other creative people like Linnea Paulina and JadeRose on Monday, and planning our engagement photos with Amy {wife of Erich McVey, our photographer} has helped me start to feel like my creative self again. 

Like I said, I have some amazing things going on and lots to be grateful for so I don't need sympathy, just some understanding and grace since this is the first time I am going through this special time. Luckily I've got my best friend and partner at my side going through the same stuff, and if he isn't worried about my giant list of concerns and transitions then maybe I can relax a little bit. And luckily, I always have a friend close by or a phone call away to chat with when I'm feeling unoriginal or to remind me of the big picture and how lucky I am. 

Like I said, I always have photos in my posts, so here is a sneak peek of Monday's shoot with Linnea Paulina & JadeRose:

photo by linnea

I'm excited to see the rest!! 
And thanks for reading, as always. 


  1. Transitions are always hard. If not only for what is still unknown. In a year it will all be a distant memory, and to be honest probably a time you look back on and smile. There is so much fun ahead, just power through!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart with us Sam. Transition is so hard, and even really exciting times in life can feel so disorienting. But then I have moments where I realize life is more about the journey than the specific destinations I'm headed towards. Take life a day at a time, and know you have grace from all your blog readers!! We'll still be here, whether it's to see your adorable style, or read about your struggles. Sending you a hug from CA today!! xo

  3. Well, I definitely think you should write more often! I know what you're feeling right now, maybe not all of it, but I can relate. I'm only a phone call/text/meet you in 5 minutes at the closest Starbucks away! So excited to see what is next for you, and to hear about the engagement sesh! Have fun with your baby sister! P.S those photos look amazingggg!

  4. Sam, you are amazing! You certainly can handle everything coming your way. I love how observant you are about events going on in your life. I can tell that you are going to take everything in stride and make the most of all situations. There can be so much sweetness in life, even when it's not ideally as you'd imagine it to be... I'm sure your parents love the chance to spend so much time with you and Jeff!

    I can't wait to see your engagement photos. The McVeys are such awesome photographers! Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  5. I've been in smaller transitions a few times in my life and I totally understand that you can still be happy and grateful and excited for things to come...and still feel disoriented. It is a strange mix of emotions..it's like, "c'mon life, figure it out already!" And when that fails, coffee and hugs help. xoxo

    p.s. I think your writing is just great.

  6. I appreciate your honesty, I'm excited to see how everything unfolds, don't feel pressured to blog, quality over quantity- yeah?! ;) Spread Monday's events out over several posts and it will keep us all entertained and wanting more! You're doing great and are exactly where you're supposed to be right now!!!


  7. Everything will work out. It always does. Hang in there. I loved reading your post:)
    xo, amy

  8. Transitions like that are HARD. Like super, super hard. I remember when I did the graduated college, after engagement, before job, and before wedding time. Of course, our circumstances are different and I would never claim to know how you are feeling. But, I feel ya for sure.

    I've only known you for nearly a year now and I've seen you just blossom so much. This next year is going to be AMAZING for you.


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