Anthro Holiday Workshop

yup. we made those.

me and Abby not crafting

it might be hard to tell, but those are the new supersize candles. $88 worth of candle.

my favorite dress

silver and gold paper clips. gorgeous!

yup, we helped put those on!


classic anthro chairs

want these too.

On Sunday Abby and I met up to go to the Anthropologie Holiday Window Workshop in downtown Portland. I really had no idea what to expect since their displays are always so amazing, but I knew whatever it was, it would be fun to see first hand. When we were all gathered up in the beginning to hear about our projects and meet the visual team, they described their motto as taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary {love that} and examples of that are using paper towels, and paper clips, like the ones on the wall {cue everyone's amazement once we realized those were paper clips!}
We worked on making paper gems and tying adorable vintage stamp envelopes with matches onto candles while others helped put together the penguins and polar bear that would eventually end up in the window. We also snacked on treats, chatted with other blogger friends {Jenni and Macey}, met new ones {Lia}, and did a little shopping. I may have bought something I've been eyeing for months.

Good news if you weren't able to go on sunday, the Bridgeport Village Anthro is having a few other workshops, just check out this link
Also, check out Abby's post about the event for some photos of past Anthropologie displays.


  1. Ah, this looks so fun! I hope I can go to the one on the 8th!

  2. Loved this morning! Fun stuff. Please get that teal dress [so I can borrow!]. xoxo

  3. I love Love LOVE everything about Anthropologie - what a fun event!

  4. Such a fun morning! Anthro is always so inspiring, and the paper clip wall is BEYOND amazing!! And I agree with Abby, you need that teal dress!

  5. ah what? $88 worth of candle? Insane! Looks like you ladies had a blast!


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