Happy Halloween!

homecoming crown, ring from my dad, dress borrowed from mom

Kate Middleton & Tootsie {Leslie} 
If you don't know who Tootsie is, google her, how similar does Leslie look??

Pumpkin Patrick and Penny, Skeleton Nathan

Goddess Kristen and Me

Holding Penny, Leslie's dog

Meredith as Lisa Frank!

Happy Halloween! 
I'm not super big on Halloween, I tend to put all my energy into Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving and birthdays. But my friend Leslie's Birthday IS Halloween and I figured out a very cheap, easy, classy costume so it happened. Happy Birthday Leslie!
I'll be wearing my costume to work and then to volunteer at Jeff's work for a kid's healthy Halloween!


  1. That Lisa Frank costume is the BEST. All my childhood dreams coming true! And you make a divine Kate :)

  2. oh my goodness, so many good costumes! And you look quite posh as a princess!:-) xoxo


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