Screen Door

After The Color Run, we went to Screen Door. Even though Jeff and I used to live a few blocks away, I never went because I was never able to plan far enough ahead to wait in line for a long time. And you know there is always a giant line. Well this time we decided to just go for it and wait it out. We waited 30-45 minutes but since there was 6 of us, the wait didn't feel too long. 

I got the red velvet pancakes with cream cheese butter {whaaat} and abby got the chicken & waffles {sweet potato waffles, whaaat} and we shared both. They were amazing. After eating there, I was kicking myself for not dining there earlier. Thank goodness that changed. 


  1. Oh wow! Where is this amazing place?


    1. Awesome! I live in the Portland area, so I may have to check it out sometime. :)

  2. I have been there and it is pretty amazing! Amazingly bad for you but oh so good! Try dinner, too. catfish!


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