The Color Run

Ben, Kristen, Abby, Me, Liz, Brent

{photos by Liz & Kristen}

you guys! 
The Color Run was awesome. It was so packed, we walked the whole thing {5k}, which was great because we liked going through the color stations really slow, rolling on the ground, and then throwing it on each other to get more color. Everyone got one free color packet and I really would have liked about 10 packets. 

this just made me want to go the festival of colors in Utah even more. it's similar but no running.


  1. Great photos! The Festival of Colors in Utah looks insanely fun, I want to go!

  2. How fun! I was supposed to run thiss, but came down with a horrible cold/cough about a week and a half before and it made running not so much fun- by the time I was feeling better it was sold out. Looks like it was a blast!


  3. I was there as well! It was so fun! I, too, wished I had at least 10 packets of color to throw!

  4. This looks SO fun! I didn't even know it existed, I'm hoping to do it next time!!!

  5. This is HUGE in Utah!! Sadly, I've never been. Should really start running(as I sit here on the couch),:)
    xo, amy


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