Wild Pear

chai and wine

carrot orange ginger soup

roasted tomato gazpacho with shrimp

sweet potato fries


After taking my out of town cousin to happy hour, I realized I've never featured Wild Pear on my blog.
My absolute favorite restaurant in Salem, Oregon. 
Apparently we mostly get soups here. 
Everything on the menu is amazing, but my favorite items are the carrot orange ginger soup {pictured}, coconut curry butternut squash soup {seasonal} and the sweet potato fries {pictured}.
And they carry my favorite kind of chai, Big Train Chai. 

This is a perfect place for lunch or happy hour {3:30-5:30}. 

Wild Pear was just chosen as Business of The Year by The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce and participated in Feast in Portland, congrats!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My friends and I often meet in Salem for girl's day and are always looking for new restaurants. :)


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