a peplum, sequins and mens pants

Peplum Anthropologie top, Target Merona Men's pants, LC Lauren Conrad Sequin sweater, Steve Madden Poized heels

I bet when I bought these pants for Jeff, he never thought they'd be worn with a peplum top, a sequin sweater and cheetah heels. Or maybe he expects the unexpected with me now. It's definitely come in handy that I can wear Jeff's clothes. It also helps that I buy most of his clothes for him. I finally got my hands on that fabulous peplum top I've been coveting for months. It was on sale and on sale again. 
This would be a great and comfy outfit to wear for Thanksgiving! 
As long as those pants aren't too tight to begin with of course.. and that peplum top is stretchy and forgiving. 
Happy Thursday! 


  1. I love the sequin top! PS. You have the best hair! :)

  2. Love that your wearing his pants! The peplum top was definitely worth waiting for, so pretty.


  3. Okay, DYING for that peplum top. Glad one of us was able to snag it, and I don't even want to know how
    on sale it was, I might cry.


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