Bridesmaid's Breakfast

bakers twine and name tags are fawn & flora {won at PNW Blogger Meet Up!}

Liz's adorable phone case matched the theme beautifully! {it's from Target}

{photo by Liz}

{photo by Kate}

my love for disco balls continues, minis found at Lippman Co
{photo by Kate}

{photo by Liz}

{photo by Kate}

isn't that painting gorgeous? Made by my sister Kate. 
Adds a big pop of color!

Liz, Abby, Me, Meg, Kate, Becca

On Saturday I had my bridesmaids come over for breakfast because I realized I hadn't seen them all together since Jeff and I got engaged {I probably haven't seen them all together ever}. I wanted to see them and hang out before I started really getting in wedding stuff. I also wanted to show them how grateful I am for them! How beautiful and stylish are they??

I promise we ate, I just didn't get any photos of that.. we had quiche, fruit, mini pumpkin pie bites, and macarons {so good from Trader Joe's! frozen section}. It's not secret to my friends that I love champagne and mimosas so I had grapefruit juice {my fave} and orange juice for the mimosas as well as coffee and tea but the mimosa's were definitely the preferred choice. 
The straws are from Roost Reimagined.

I had such a fun time decorating and mostly using stuff I already had. I found the 100 foot roll of tulle my sister in law gave me and went to town! Let me know if you want to know where anything is from and I will be happy to answer. 

ps. the adorable confetti system ornaments {that double as a small gift box} can be found at West Elm and on sale now!


  1. I love, love, loveee everything! Such a beautiful setup Sam. P.S aren't the macarons from TJs pretty dang good?!

    1. so good! I was happily surprised, I'll definitely get them again.

  2. Lovely as ever Miss Sam! So exciting to be able to spend time with your best friends all together. I loved those moments during my engagement!

  3. Gorgeous table setting! I love how the iPhone case matches. so cute.

    <3 Melissa

  4. So so sweet!! What a lovely breakfast party you threw! Love the gold silverware, confetti/tinsel trees, bright artwork behind the drinks... you have some serious styling skillz! And so sweet of you to celebrate your bridesmaids =)


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