Ladies, food, drinks

truffled popcorn and rosé

The power went out {high winds and floods} while Meg and I were at Santiam Wine Co, so we got popcorn and a cheese plate. Highly recommend Santiam Wine Co in Salem, it's very cute, good food, and reasonably priced. 

Saw a friend get married!

gorgeous table settings!


Oran Olive Oil for guests

Jaime's picture taken with an iphone 5 in low light versus mine {above}
My beautiful date for the wedding! Jaime

been a long time since this group of ladies was all together! 
Amy, Meg, Liz, Me, Jordan, Abby

crepes and warm drinks to catch up with Amy at French Press

Just some of the fun outings I've had recently, mostly centered around my best girlfriends, love, wine, coffee, and food. Pretty normal for us. 


  1. Did they give you your food for free since the power was out!? They should have. Also, how beautiful is Zenith? I went to a wedding there once too. Probably one of my favorite venues.

  2. This looks like my favorite kind of weekend! I definitely want to get to Santiam WIne Co. soon!


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