on the agenda

photo taken by iphone at the arbor

what's on your weekend agenda?
I'm a crazy planner and often feel best when I have a line up of things to look forward to.
this weekend Jeff and I will be in Portland to celebrate a friend's birthday.
My mom, Abby and I are going to a trunk show on Saturday, also in Portland.
Jeff and I are taking my parents to Screen Door on Sunday and then seeing part of Jeff's fam. loving all the Portland time, we miss it!
And I've become obsessed with reading on my kindle so I have lots of reading to do and hopefully will be able to get out in the sunlight to take some outfit photos and get a few workouts in. 
Happy friday and happy weekend!


  1. Yay weekends in Portland! Looking forward to bff time tomorrow. And can I come with you to SD? I'll just eat my 3 entrees in the corner by myself so I won't be any trouble...

  2. Love busy weekends like that. I have a nook and am obsessed with it. I like to read from a paperback occasionally, but you really cant beat a nook/kindles convenience for traveling. So much better than bring a few heavy books along.

    Have a good weekend & here's to some sunny outfit pictures (I'm secretly hoping for this too)



  3. So jealous, missing Portland too! Enjoy!

    1. JUSTINEEE. Why haven't I seen you yet?! Let's make it happen!

  4. WOAH WOAH WOAH, you're kindle?


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