Portland Blogger Meet Up: SEO Event

Abby and Me

Saturday was The Portland Blogger SEO Event and I learned a lot! 
Mike Arnesen from SwellPath was the speaker and he shared some great information with us. 
Hopefully I'll be able to read my notes and put some of his suggestions into action sometime soon. 
It was a smaller event which was nice and casual, easy to chat and see almost everyone. 
How cute are those mugs? 
Jenni of A Well Crafted Party {and Portland Bloggers website} made those mugs for everyone from a tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

Awesome sponsors for the event:


  1. Love that mug! I really should try to go to one of the events these days. I'm a slacker :)


  2. Wow! I just moved to Portland and am happy to know about the blogger meet ups! Thanks for sharing.

    Dream in Fashion

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