what i wore: portland blogger SEO event

j.crew factory stripe sleeve shirt and jeans, black sleeveless shift Lush Nordstrom BP, Target black fringe booties, 
Target clutch {major clearance!}, necklaces gifts from friend and grandma

I wore this to the Portland Blogger Meet Up on Saturday. The boots are a very recent purchase and I can already tell I'll be wearing them a lot. When I picked up the booties, I also picked up that Pendleton-esque clutch {$5!} and then went back two days later to get them for my best friends too. I've been wearing a lot of black lately and especially this black shift shirt/dress. The clutch, the booties, the black, are a little different from my normal style {sequins, bright sugar plum fairy colors, skirts} but I'm loving trying out new styles and working them in with what I already own. 

My basic style philosophy is Never Say Never.
{thanks Biebs for that song and movie btw}
That doesn't mean I have to try every single trend, but it also means I try not to say things like 'I can't pull that off' {unless it's metallic booty shorts or something super revealing... but that's more I don't want to try and wear that}. It makes trying trends fun. 
I think it just takes a little extra confidence to try a new style or look. 

That doesn't mean I confidently love everything I wear.. There are definitely days where I change half way through or decide I'll avoid a certain style but there are other days when I wear something to work and a co-worker says I look like a mix between a ballerina and a cowgirl and I'm keeping everyone on their toes and I love that sort of feedback {I take it as a compliment usually}. 
Basically, I just like to try a lot of trends to see what I'll hold onto. 

This topic came up at the Portland Blogger Meet up so I figured I'd share my thoughts! 
I'd love to hear other's fashion philosophies!


  1. I LOVE that clutch! Great outfit! :)

  2. the shift with the little Mandarin collar over a long sleeve is such a cute idea (and something I never would have thought up!)

  3. Super cute! I saw that top from Nordstrom and couldn't figure out how to wear it without it looking like it was supposed to be a dress, but I really love how you styled it. It's fun to go out of your "norm" once in a while and try something new


  4. Tell me where you got the clutch!!!?? Or else.

    PS. You looked fly on Saturday! Duh.

  5. The clutch is definitely THE FIND. But my second fav of the ensemble is the lipstick. Bold and very red. Nice touch.

  6. I loved your bag!!! I meant to tell you Saturday and plum forgot! I so enjoyed talking to you Sam! Let me know next time you find yourself in Portland :)

  7. The clutch is amazing! I love your striped top, I am so into stripes lately. I really love that you are wiling to try out a bunch of stuff, I am not brave enough to even try attempting to pull off certain looks.

  8. I went to Target today because of your Instagram boots picture! Got some flats because the gray boots I wanted weren't there any longer :( I'm trying my best to branch out of my jeans-and-a-v-neck-sweater rut that I've been in for a few years so I love your philosophy. I have some friends that I'll text from the dressing room to get their opinions. Watch out, I might start tagging you on Instagram for fashion advice :)

  9. That clutch is so great!! Also really love all of your necklaces!

  10. Super stylish as always! Also love that clutch! And that it was only $5! Target??


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