A River Runs Through It

J.Crew Factory shirt, Old Navy salmon jeans, Target shoes, 

I got those soup cans at my work holiday party white elephant gift exchange! 
They are the Andy Warhol limited edition line sold at Target to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artists original painting of the cans.
I've been dying to get my hands on them but also kept forgetting when I was at Target so it was perfect when I saw them at the party. What a great gift!
The person who brought them also likes to name my outfits at work, he dubbed these pants 'A River Runs Through It' because they are salmon colored. 
Don't ask questions, just go with it.
He also said my pants and shoes weren't too matchy matchy so that's a good.
It just makes perfect sense that someone who took an interest in my outfits brought a gift that I ended up with.

Happy Friday!

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  1. You are totally rocking those sweet oxfords! I got some black-on-black saddle-ey ones early this fall but have yet to be happy with how I wear them. ;) Will have to try with some trouser-ey pants!


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