Neon for the Holidays

Corey P dress {From Fred Meyer, can you believe it??}, J.Crew Factory plaid shirt, Forever 21 necklace, Urban Outfitters heels, Gap neon clutch {gift from Abby!}

I hope everyone had a warm and happy celebration the last few days!

I was spoiled rotten by seeing best friends, family, overeating, and amazing gifts. 
I'm obsessed with my new neon clutch from Gap! 
It is a gift from Abby and it's a perfect fit for my new iPad Mini!

This is one of my favorite new holiday dresses, 
can you believe I haven't bought any new sequins for this sparkly season?

::Unrelated note::
I used this website to edit these photos. 
I am lame and never edit my photos but good quality photos are something that I believe can make all the difference in a blog. It's time for me to bite the bullet, and put some more time and effort into my photos. So a few of my goals for this year are: take a photo class, get a new lens, quality over quantity, and edit my photos. 
This is the experimental phase of editing photos, so don't judge too hard!


  1. Love the neon and the look! Thanks for the tip on the photo editing site. I use PicMonkey sometimes when I want to do more than what I can do with the Picasa desktop version--which I love and highly recommend for simple edits and batch editing like you can do with Adobe LightRoom. I agree that photos make the blog! Always wanting to improve mine, too! Great resolutions for 2013!

  2. Um that dress is amazing, Fred Meyer seriously?! I absolutely adore your style Sam and am loving how your pics look too! Nice work and thanks for the photo editing tip!!


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