Russian Roulette

Let's talk red. 

in love with this ring being sold at Bush Barn Art Center!

I think my red nails {and lips} were highlighted fabulously in Monday's post but I wanted to talk red nails a bit more. Usually I don't really like red. I know, I know. But I barely have any red clothing, I stay away from red everything, except lips. I usually go for dark dark purple-ish red nails and sometimes lips too {seen here, here, and here}. But this season my sister introduced me to Essie Russian Roulette and I love it! It's not a color I see myself wearing year round but I feel super festive with it on my nails right now. 
Clearly I couldn't stop taking photos of my nails! 

::My favorites::
Essie nail color 'Russian Roulette' {bright red}
Revlon 'Love That Red' {bright red}
Radiant Cosmetics Matte Lipstick 'Moscow' {dark red}
OPI nail color 'Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ'  {dark red}


  1. I love a good red lip/mani...so classic. I'm not as comfortable sporting a super red lip as I am nails, working on that! :)


  2. Love that color, Sam! I can't decide if I want to paint my nails red or mint for Christmas... Such a tough decision :)

  3. I love red nails, but ONLY during the holidays! Otherwise I go with orange/red the rest of the year. I want that Essie!


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