The 2012

The past year was an amazing one. 
Highlights include; starting off with a fabulous NYE, an extra special birthday party, Jeff graduated from graduate school, I graduated from undergrad, my sister graduated from high school, my brother got married, Jeff proposed, I worked at summer camp for the last time, took a few trips, joined the Portland Blogger network, collaborated with other Portland Bloggers on photo shoots, made new friends, connected with old friends, started the wedding planning, started a job, and blogged all the way through it. 

Thanks to everyone for following along and I am looking forward to what the new year brings!


  1. You sure did have a pretty and stylish year in photos!! And sounds like it was a great one. Joining up with the Portland Bloggers was a highlight for me, too. =) I'll have to link to them in my 2012 recap post (not written yet, oops...).

    Love your outfits, as always, and I love how you bravely wear big sparkly necklaces and bright colors!

  2. you seriously have the best style. love all these outfits and obviously that amazing gold dress to infinity and beyond. jade and i were talking about us all figuring out a way to collaborate our blogs somehow so I'm going to be brainstorming!!! the first thing that comes to mind is something sparkly ;) i'll keep you posted lady!

  3. Your so cute. What a great successful year! Yay!
    Heres to another great 2013 year! All the best sweets! See you soon!


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