the gift of gift wrap

I'm sharing my personal love for gift wrapping!
I think it is so fun to get creative with wrapping because that can be a part of the gift!
I also think it can be cheap and easy, especially if you go for the mis-matching look. 
Also, I didn't want to overwhelm my instagram feed with all these presents so I figured I'd share here. 

Some essentials:
Roll of craft paper {The Dollar Tree sells rolls} or paper bags work just as good.
Ribbon, twine, and/or string
Tape, I prefer washi tape {gold from my lovely BFF Abby} I know Target has great colors too.
Tags or letters so you remember which gift you wrapped
Confetti and champagne optional but encouraged.

Washi tape, Target lucite tape dispenser, vintage ribbon, tags from Michael's. 
I don't know about you but my mom and I have a ribbon collecting habit, and those ribbons can be great for wrapping non Christmas packages, whether it's Hanukkah, Birthday or something else. 

I found this gold mine at TJ Maxx. Michael's and Craft Warehouse also carry glitter ribbon.

I added a card onto one package and a gold letter onto the second. 
Sparkly letters can be found at Michael's.
Baker's twine {stripey string}can be found on Amazon or at Michael's.
Gift tag from Fawn & Flora {A great site for gift wrapping!}
The baker's twine is also from Fawn & Flora!
{Both via a giveaway at the PNW Blogger Meet Up}

I fell in love with these poofs immediately. Both from Target, they are Spritz, which I love all the Spritz party supplies at Target, truly a gem. Find more Spritz supplies here

I added a little extra with the paper straws {Found at Target, TJ Maxx, local boutiques, Amazon, Etsy} and a Spritz wand. This is for a white elephant gift exchange so the person who chooses this will probably choose it based on the wrapping, right?

lots of different ribbon.
ribbon is often on sale the day after holidays, so load up for next year!

a little hot glue and some patience and you can make that bow too
{photo from last year}

A few from last year, more coordinated

My sister's birthday is at the end of November so I wanted to make sure she knew it was not a holiday present so I went with teal, hot pink, and silver. 
It's another Spritz pouf, letters from Michael's, and Target ribbon.

Like I said the confetti, cute napkins, and champagne is optional but it's fun to have a mini gift wrapping party with yourself! or whoever else is around. 
{The L is from a bridal shower for my best friend Liz, but now since I might be changing my last name, I'm keeping a few napkins around}

How do you gift wrap?
Do you love it or hope someone else will offer?
Do you wrap all the presents exactly the same?

all photos via iphone, forgive the inconsistencies and lighting


  1. This is too funny because I was reallllly hoping you'd do a post on gift wrapping :] Love it all! Now I just need to actually buy some Christmas presents to wrap... haha

  2. I love them!! As I said on Instagram, love them all and the colors are perfection!!

  3. Adorable wrapping ideas!It makes the gift-giving process even more fun!


  4. Last year I went the kraft paper route but had the hardest time finding it! I finally found it at Michael's but it wasn't cheap. Good to know the dollar tree has it though...who would have thought?!

  5. So, so pretty. It's absolutely true that the packaging is part of the gift. No more print wrapping paper for me; in the future I think I'll only buy brown or white kraft paper! At the west elm gift wrapping class I snagged a big piece of theirs, brown with an xoxo print on one side in white, and have been enjoying that (and some of their cute heavy gift tags) with basic thin Christmas ribbons. Red, white, and brown under the tree this year! But loooove the gold with brown, will have to try that or suggest it to my mom; would go well with her tree. =)


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