The skirt.

Men's L.L. Bean flannel {Jeff's}, Anthropologie tulle skirt, H&M red flower pin and earrings, J.Crew gold glitter clutch, Target grey wedges

I am in love!! 
with this skirt.
{among many other things}
Yes I've been lusting over it for months, yes I got a discount, yes it was still expensive, yes I used the holidays and wedding festivities as justification. 
So, not much else to say besides I want to wear it every day. 


  1. So good, and so obsessed with that skirt.

  2. I love that skirt!!! I'd say wearing it every day wouldn't be a bad idea. ;-)

  3. That skirt is on my Christmas list! Fingers crossed! You lucky girlll. Ps. you are so stunning. <3


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