Made these drink stirrers for the night! I took a few with me for friends.

a cute instax snapped by Jeff

Jordan, Meg, Me

Justine, Me, Sara

Jeff & Me

My NYE consisted of drinks with friends, seeing some of my friends and then seeing some of Jeff's friends. Basically a lot of sparkles and friends. Can you tell my dress is navy? 
It is, and I actually borrowed it from Meg, and it was a perfect dress for this New Year's Eve!

Sometimes I think New Year's Eve gets a bad reputation for being disappointing. 
I've always loved New Year's Eve {and Valentine's Day for that matter, another holiday with a bad rep}, even before being in a relationship and having a special someone to 
celebrate with. 
I'm lucky to have some amazing best friends who like to celebrate for the sake of celebrating with best friends. 
So no matter what, there are always sequins, champagne, and a lot of photos. 

I hope everyone had a festive New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!


  1. Love those drink stirrers! I need to make some to carry around in my purse so I can bust them out every time I drink champagne :) Love all the sparkly dresses too. Happy New Years to you Sam!! xo


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