bright white, new boots, and I'm wearing jeans again.

Nordstrom Men's shirt {Jeff's}, J.Crew Factory jeans, Target belt, Arizona booties {JC Penney for $20!}

I don't wear jeans very often, mostly because I think other things are more flattering but lately I've been cold. So, jeans it is. Or double pair of tights..but I digress. Also the brightest white shirt you ever did see {Thanks Jeff}. New booties from JC Penney and a steal at $20! They aren't exactly what I wanted but considering they are still a third of the sale price, they are a great alternative.
Happy Monday!

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  1. These booties are such a steal! Thanks for stopping by, on the hunters check out either the adjustable back (the ones I got) or the hunts (they are wide calf boots). You will love them if you end up getting them, not sure I got along without them all these years in rainy Oregon.



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